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Specializing in the treatment of opioid addiction, Calais Treatment Center (CTC) offers an outpatient treatment program for individuals age 18 and older. Our comprehensive treatment approach combines the use of medications with counseling in order to safely assist patients as they work toward recovery.

Calais CTC offers the following medications:

Methadone: Methadone is an opioid agonist that provides relief from the physical symptoms of withdrawal while eliminating cravings for continued opioid use. Methadone does not cause patients to experience disruptions in their cognitive functioning, so they can continue to participate in their daily activities.

Suboxone: Suboxone consists of a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine. It provides relief from the physical discomforts of withdrawal while eliminating cravings for opioids.

The medication that is prescribed to each patient will depend on their unique needs and treatment goals. Adjustments to medications can be made throughout the course of treatment if necessary.

Calais Comprehensive Treatment Center also provides patients with the opportunity to take part in therapeutic interventions as a part of their all-inclusive treatment. These sessions help patients progress in their treatment by working through the psychological components of their addictive behaviors. Our team of physicians, nurses, and counselors is specifically trained in the field of addiction and believe that lasting recovery requires treatment for both the emotional and physical aspects of addiction. Because of this, Calais CTC proudly offers the following therapeutic interventions:

  • Individual therapy allows patients to address and process the root causes of their addictions by working in a one-on-one environment with a highly trained counselor. These sessions also offer patients an opportunity to ask any questions they may have or to address any issues that may arise throughout the course of treatment.
  • Group therapy sessions give patients a chance to come together with other patients who are also receiving treatment for opioid addiction. These counselor-led sessions promote open communication on a variety of topics that relate to addiction and recovery. Patients are able to work alongside their peers in a safe and supportive environment.

The compassionate team of professionals at Calais Comprehensive Treatment Center understands the overwhelming complexities caused by opioid addiction. Through the comprehensive treatment offered at Calais CTC, patients are given the education, tools, and support that are required to successfully progress toward a future free from addiction. Please contact us today to learn more about the treatment options we offer and to learn how we can assist you in taking the first step toward recovery.